Independent Progtamme Assuance

Are you confident that what you have been promised will be delivered?

Peace of Mind

An external review by a specialist with no vested interest in the delivery can provide the programme sponsor and steering board with a level of confidence that the project is being delivered according to the constraints of time, budget and quality. This concept can be used by any client to provide themselves with ongoing peace of mind as part of the agreed programme governance.

An Independent Assessment

It is fundamental that the review is seen as totally independent and that the reviewer is treated by the board as a programme non-executive. Project Assist provides the following programme assurance services:

Project Assurance

An ongoing assessment focusing on the baselined plan and business benefits to ensure the project remains on schedule from time, cost and quality perspective. We will highlight the issues and provide recommendations to the project management and steering board which in turn will give the core sponsors an increased level of delivery assurance

Mergers & Acquisition

Integration Planning and Execution
We’ll prepare you for Day 1 of your new organization, ensuring a seamless transition across functional areas without the confusion and uncertainty that plague most mergers.